La Serena and Coquimbo

La Serena is a pretty colonial city with lots of churches, museums, parks, colonial buildings and a very long beach promenade, where you can walk from the lighthouse to the next city, Coquimbo.

Also enjoy the big handcraft market, la "Recova", in the center of La Serena.
There are a lot of shops and markets where you can buy whatsoever you might need for your journey.
Furthermore La Serena offers also a lot of restaurants and bars.

You can also explore the city by bike or by car (ask at reception).

Coquimbo is La Serena’s twin city and demonstrates the typical Chilean street life. There you can walk up to the enormous "Cruz del Milenio" (Crucifix of the Millenium) and enjoy the various dishes of fish and seafood in simple restaurants at the picturesque harbor.

Maybe you want to make a cruise around the bend of the bay, passing the typical yellow fishermen's boats and some of the small islands where you can see pelicans and sea lions.
The "Barrio Inglés" (English quarter) is very popular with its´ small restaurants, cafés and diverse bars.