Cometa Halley

In the observatory Mamalluca near Vicuña, every night there are tours for amateurs, in English if you want. Use this opportunity to let yourself be enchanted by the firmament filled with star s and learn some basic astronomy while you're at it.
Here you find the clearest skies of the world!

(Fotos: copyright Observatorio Mamalluca)

Price: Includes:
$ 22.000
(Pesos chilenos)
(abt. 16.45 hrs - 22.30 hrs) "to the skies": the Mamalluca observatory in Vicuña. Tours in english or spanish.

The scientific observatory Tololo with its futuristic atmosphere is open every Saturday and can only be visited with reservations in advance.

The tours of the Tololo observatory take place during the day. No night tours available.